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59 Club

Thornborough Village Hall runs two ‘59 Clubs’ fundraising for the Hall. The clubs are the ‘Saturday 59 Club’ and the ‘Wednesday 59 Club’. These coincide with the Bonus Number in the National Lottery LOTTO draws for the last Saturday and last Wednesday in every month respectively. 

The 59 Clubs are very well supported by Thornborough and Thornton parishioners and several generous individuals who have left the village but keep their numbers alive. Club Members pay £5 per month by Standing Order on the first day of every month. There is a pay-out of £150 from each club every month. You keep the same number every month.

Each 59 Club produce significant annual income for the Village Hall, which together subsidise the costs of running the Hall. Because it is not possible to generate enough income to cover the running costs on hire charges alone, so the Village Hall needs this additional funding. 

The mission of the Village Hall Committee is to keep the Village Hall available for use by all villagers, which means that we keep rental charges at a low level for villagers, families and especially village organisations, but a slightly higher ‘commercial’ rate for other hirers. The committee do their utmost to keep our village hall in a good state of repair. 

Finally, for the 59’ers every month brings a chance to win the big one – in a small way. We do have some lucky people who seem to win the £150 regularly!

To sign up and help support the hall, please click the link below to download the form:

Once completed, please send the form to

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